Best Tips for Decorating for a Holiday Party

With the major holidays fast approaching, now is the time to start planning your holiday party. Hosting and decorating for a holiday party doesn’t need to be overwhelming or heavy on your wallet. Here are some of our best tips to throw a successful holiday party!

Send Out Invites

Start off by making a list of your friends and family that you’d like to invite to the party, and then focus on sending them a beautiful and cheerful party invitation, listing all of the necessary information. Are there only appetizers and not a main meal? Is there a dress code? Here is where you will want to give them those tiny details so that they can better prepare for the party, including a time to arrive!

Decorating the Dinner Table

Before you can begin to decorate your dining room table, envision the colors and look that you’re going for. Add one large vase or several smaller vases throughout the length of the table, but don’t go overboard, as you risk causing clutter. Consider a decorative bowl full of pinecones, ornaments or mini candy canes for décor, or place glammed up garland and berry sprigs in the center of the table.

Set the Mood

Make sure that you set the mood of the party based on the guests on the invite list and the décor you have chosen. If you’re going for a more elegant party, choose dim lighting and include candles in metallic holders. For a more fun and festive party, focus on cheerful décor that pops in classic red, and consider scented candles that will trigger a holiday connection.

Focus on Presentation

Don’t worry about spending a fortune on an elaborate meal or décor. In regards to décor, less can be more. If you focus more on how you present the food on platters, you can get away with not having appetizers from the 5-star caterer down the street. Don’t forget, food can be décor as well, so have a table full of holiday treats that spreads cheer, and your guests will be sure to leave full of holiday spirit.

What is your number one tip for hosting a successful holiday party?