How to Add Colour in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the hottest rooms in the home, and there is always the desire to keep it updated for maximum functionality as well as to keep up with the trends in design. Whether you’re interested in a kitchen renovation or just want to make subtle changes, one of the hottest kitchen trends we are seeing is an increase in colour. Adding colour can be a simple task that you can complete in an afternoon, or it can be a bit more elaborate.

Lately we have seen a substantial amount of kitchens with the white on white, or the soft brown on white look. We are still big fans of neutral-inspired kitchens, but there has been an upswing in kitchens that are bringing a fresh dose of colour to their walls. Blue and grey will be popular colours, but don’t be afraid to choose a more daring colour. If you don’t have plans to replace cabinetry, just make sure that the colour you do choose for your walls pairs well with your current cabinets and appliances.

We also love the idea of choosing a less than common colour for your cabinets or kitchen island. Consider a turquoise island in a white and cream coloured kitchen or cabinets in a moody grey or black for a bold statement.

If a low risk change is what you’re interested in, consider making simple changes to your kitchen towels, curtains, rugs, or dinnerware. These are great items to experiment with bringing in bold, bright colours or patterns. If you want to paint, but not your walls, try painting your chairs or stools in a sunny colour. While not an extensive overhaul, subtle changes like these can make quite the impact.

How would you add colour into your kitchen?