Bamboo in Home Décor is Making a Big Comeback

Big in the 60s and 70s, bamboo in home décor is making a major comeback. The role of woody and natural elements in the home is a huge trend right now, and bamboo falls right into place with that. Because of its popularity in past decades, it also creates a retro look that many people love and are jumping on board with. Bamboo is a light and airy material that can be used in virtually any spot in your home if you’re going for this aesthetic.

The most practical use is in flooring and walls. Bamboo flooring is an affordable and sustainable alternative to other hardwoods. Its naturally anti-bacterial and waterproof features make it less susceptible to rotting, warping, and water damage. Affordable, durable, and visually appealing; you really can’t go wrong with bamboo flooring. With walls, adding bamboo will surely make a statement as it brings out the natural beauty and uniqueness of the wood.

If you want to give bamboo a try but aren’t willing to commit a whole room to it, try adding some kitchen ware. Bamboo can be found in utensils, salt shakers, cutting boards, and more.

Accent furniture such as chairs and tables can be a simple and delicate addition to a room. Or you could be more spontaneous and integrate pieces like a bamboo mirror, wall hanging, rug, or shades. All are great options.

And did you know that incorporating bamboo into your home actually saves the environment? Bamboo’s fast growth rate makes it highly abundant and available. The use of this material in place of other hardwoods is a major proponent in protecting our forests from deforestation. What’s not to love? Go green and make the switch to bamboo for a trendy, eco-friendly home.

How will you incorporate bamboo in your home this year?

How to Incorporate Acrylic Furniture In Home Decor

Acrylic furniture is a huge trend in home decor right now – and with good reason! It’s affordable, easy-to-maintain, and can work with an array of interior design styles. From traditional to eclectic and every home design in between, acrylic furniture has a way to infuse a trendy element to any room in your home.

Once considered a cheap alternative, Lucite furniture is now stealing the spotlight in home decor! Acrylic dining chairs are now a stylish way to bridge the gap between a traditional-meets-modern dining room decor, or even tone down an over-the-top eclectic design. Given they are clear; they won’t clash with any patterns, prints or colours in a room. These acrylic and metal chairs do not distract the eye from the traditional hardwood floors and custom built-in shelves, they actually enhance them drawing less attention and letting your guests appreciate the home’s architecture.

The sleek look of acrylic furniture lends itself to any and all home decorating styles. We’ve seen this type of furniture work well in large living spaces, small rooms, and even homes that have a blend of mixed metals, organic woods, and lots of natural light! If you have an open concept, acrylic furniture can serve a specific, functional purpose. Since Lucite side or coffee tables are clear, they are a subtle way to separate a room without vying for attention.

If you don’t have a dedicated room in your house for a home office or homework space, we’re seeing many homeowners utilize the corner of a mud room (or even a kitchen) and simply affix with a washable, stain-resistant countertop that can double as a desk! Pair the counter space with an inexpensive, light-weight acrylic chair that can be moved and cleaned easily when an accident- such a snack or paint bottle – spills!

Finding furniture that fits multiple decor styles can be difficult, but acrylic decor can act like a chameleon transforming its “look” depending on the room it is used in. For example, if you love the look of both a contemporary modern and rustic farmhouse breakfast nook, an acrylic seating area can join them together without the space looking mismatched and unfinished. Acrylic chairs can make it easier for the eyes to transition from modern, mixed metal accents to softer, cozier pillows and raw wicker baskets.

How do you incorporate acrylic furniture into your home?